Here at Swift, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the employment market during these uncertain times.

If you were between jobs when lockdown began, or have been made redundant or furloughed since then it’s likely given you some valuable time to consider your next career move.

According to the British Chamber of Commerce, more than 70% of private firms have furloughed staff in response to the Coronavirus lockdown. Prior to the lockdown the UK jobs market was incredibly robust with an employment rate of 76.6% – but what impact will the Coronavirus have on jobseekers, and what can you do to best position yourself during this time?

Are you between jobs or self-employed with no work?

Whilst finances are no doubt tight, the pressure to find work has decreased because, frankly, it dried up faster than a puddle in the Sahara. This is the perfect time to really research your next career move, upskill and perhaps take on temporary work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Have you been furloughed?

Most of us had never heard of the term ‘furloughed’ until the Coronavirus pandemic. This time-off-on-reduced-pay scenario has provided job security to those already in work.

However, perhaps being forced off ‘the treadmill of life’ has made you re-evaluate your career. If you are dreading returning to work, perhaps this is a sign that you need to reconsider your options.

Are you interested in temporary work during the pandemic?

When searching for a job during the pandemic, make sure you are open to being;

Flexible Shift work and working from home are commonplace right now. What hours and days can you work? Do you have the right computer and office set-up at home?

Adaptable You are likely to have changeable responsibilities from day-to-day as companies respond to the changing Covid-19 restrictions.

Over-qualified Remember this is a short-term cover, and there is value in any kind of experience you have.

Temporary roles across the UK

The Swift team work in partnership with businesses across the UK to find temporary workforce solutions. We can help you to find work in your area. We specialise in industries where key workers and temporary workers are in demand. These are;

How can you get ahead?

Once you have taken these steps please get in touch with a member of our team to find out about the latest opportunities.

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