Managed Services

Managed Service Solutions and related services involve Swift Temps acting as a fully outsourced recruitment and onboarding function for our clients.

Industry research shows that an increasing number of companies define MS as a key differentiator within their business. As the market continues to expand, MS providers are building increased functionalities into their technology platforms to provide end-to-end, employee life cycle solutions.

Implementing an MS solution enables a company to operate more productively and efficiently by managing the strategic, tactical and administrative elements of the recruitment process. We are not just a recruitment business; supplying staff is just the beginning. Our business model and bespoke systems allow us to provide a personal service to our customers. We partner with organisations and work as part of the team to offer the best results.

Strategic advantages of a
managed service approach

An external MS solution makes sense because it allows your company’s HR department to focus on strategic initiatives, leverage its core competencies and reduce human capital expenses.

Bringing this capability in-house can be very costly. Working with an MS provider gives your company the ability to leverage their expertise, cost-efficiencies, industry best practices and other economies of scale to improve the recruitment process.

As an MS partner, we act as both recruitment consultants and as a management function responsible for the recruitment process in its entirety.

Key features of a managed service

Dedicated on-site, single point of contact.

Significant cost savings through discounted fixed rates.

Tailored KPI and MI reporting monitoring AWR, attrition and candidate performance.

Access to a broad range of secondary agencies if required

Parity of client policies
and incentives.

Ensuring a better quality candidate, much higher retention and increased reliability rates.

Working ‘Shift Champions’
charged at cost.

Greater consistency in service
and staff quality.

Service levels and response times to a pre-contract agreement - monitored every 3 months.

Weekly staff surgeries held
with the on-site team.

Systemised authorisation and broadcast of vacancies.

Have a real partner understand the business DNA, which is reflected in the recruitment process.

Our delivery approach

Account Managers will use Sedex, HMRC and GLAA standard compliance procedures for every hire. All documentation will be added onto our system in full, ready for any audits and following GDPR and Data Protection guidelines.

Internal audits take place weekly to ensure validity. Any policies and procedures that incur other compliance requirements (whether industry or business-specific), can easily be implemented into the existing auditing process.

All audit findings will be shared with the client in a transparent way as often as requested or during monthly reviews (whichever is the sooner).

Our highly experienced team of consultants maintain the highest level of professionalism; working as an extension of your HR team. They will strive to ensure everything is running smoothly and any problems are swiftly dealt with.

This includes consultation clinics with temporary staff to ensure full communication on TUPE and/or transfer of staff.

We understand you may need to flex your staffing requirements up and down depending upon your workload. We can help you cover holidays, sickness or peaks in seasonal demand.

It's also our role to manage long-term flex workers identified to be cross-trained and deployed in the highest skilled positions. This will enable them to quickly reach full productivity in the shortest amount of time.

When it comes to reporting, we will take responsibility for managing an in-house T&A system for payroll, time sheets, absences, lateness and sickness. Our teams will also report on the fill rate, attrition, absence and staff turnover - ensuring you have visibility of all facts and figures.

As standard, we offer telephone and email support to provide reassurance for all temporary labour before, during and after shifts. We also hold weekly staff surgeries on-site for all agency staff held outside working hours.

Our approach as an ethical employer means we always encourage candidate up-skilling, further training, career progression and staff incentive schemes.

To find out how you can benefit from a Managed Services account,
contact your local Swift Temps office today.