Whether you are new to the world of job hunting, or you have attended more interviews than you can count, it never hurts to brush up on your interview skills.

The world of job hunting has changed remarkably with the digital landscape, but the interview process is still the best way for a business to check how you will ‘fit’ into the team.

Interviews can be a daunting process regardless of your experience, so to help we have devised our top 5 interview tips to help you through the process.

1. Do your research

In a large majority of interviews you are likely to hear the following question; “So, tell us what you know about our business?”. You can prepare for this question by doing your research! Search the business in Google, go on the website and have a look at their company updates on social media. Not only can researching the business help you answer the above question, it also tells you a lot about the culture of the business and how your role will fit in.

2. Practice your answers

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions during your interview. The interviewer will want to know about your experience, you most current role and your career aspirations. You can prepare for this by writing down all of the questions you feel you might be asked during the process. Consider the following questions;

3. Be on time

This sounds simple, right? For those of us relying upon our beloved public transport system, perhaps not. So what happens if the bus or train is running late? Make sure you ring the interviewer and keep them informed – even if it’s only going to be 5 minutes. If you are driving, plan your route in advance to account for any road closures or traffic jams. Not only does good timekeeping demonstrate punctuality, but it also shows how enthusiastic you are about the role!

4. Dress to impress

Find out what the dress code is going to be. Whilst many business still employ the traditional ‘tie and suit’ approach, some businesses are a lot more relaxed in their approach these days and may be happy with less formal interview attire. Always check beforehand.

5. Follow up after

You’ve been through the entire process, now what happens? Whether you are successful or not, you should always obtain feedback after the interview. This will allow you to understand what you did right, and what you can improve on next time. Asking for feedback can also help you improve your job search, tweak your CV and you might even learn something new about yourself. Here at Swift Temps, we will always obtain feedback after your interviews – this is an important part of the process, whether you are successful or not.

Finally, always remember that the interview process is as much for you as it is for your prospective employer. Be sure to ask plenty of questions; it is important that the role is a good fit for both you, and the employer.

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