The hiring of temporary employees is a strategy utilised by many organisations, after all, there are plenty of benefits to taking this approach.

Temps have plenty of excellent qualities to bring to the table such as flexibility, willingness to learn and a diverse range of skills. The ability to provide proactive business support with minimal hassle and instant results is remarkably attractive to businesses with fluctuating order books.

A temporary recruitment strategy can also be utilised in situations such as; seasonal work, a sudden and unexpected increase in product demand, or to fill vacant roles due to sickness or maternity leave.

If you have a short-term role you need to fill, considering temporary employees is an excellent strategy for many reasons including;

1. The fast hiring process. Need a requirement for next week? Not a problem. Temps offer a great solution if you rapidly require a recruitment solution. They will have been pre-interviewed by the agency and all necessary checks will have been carried out. You will not have to dedicate time out of your busy schedule to interview them yourself (unless you really want to!).

2. Different perspectives. Temps have a wealth of experience working across a multitude of business environments, they can offer a different and unique perspective on operations – enabling them to add real value.

3. Flexibility. Looking for short-term cover of very specific business hours? No problem! This is where hiring a temporary employee can make a real difference. Your agency partner will work with you to recruit employees to meet your exact requirements, whatever level of flexibility you need.

4. Temp-to-Perm. Has one of your temps made a huge difference to the business since joining? Why not offer to employ them permanently? The beauty of employing temporary employees is that you can assess their skills, knowledge and business fit prior to offering a permanent contract. For many businesses, this offers a far more cost-effective approach to employing staff, especially those with a number of different requirements.

5. Instant Impact. Temporary employees are used to joining organisations for short time periods, they have an excellent ability to slot right in and get on with the job in hand!

Here at Swift Temps, we work with businesses across the UK to find temporary workforce solutions, selecting the appropriate skill sets to match your exact requirements. We manage the process throughout, from interview and selection to payroll and inductions. To discuss your requirements in more depth, give us a call today!

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