Sorting through CV’s, scouting the right talent and retaining staff can be time-consuming and costly, especially if it’s detracting from your day-to-day work. This is just one of a number of reasons why businesses partner with recruitment agencies. So, what are the benefits for businesses working with a recruitment agency? There’s no doubt that a successful recruitment process takes time, resources and a strong understanding of the marketplace; all of which a professional recruitment agency has.

Why do businesses use recruiters?

Businesses choose to work with recruiters for a range of reasons. However, there is one thing that all companies have in common; they want access to the top talent. Partnering with a well-established, expert recruiter is an effective way of finding candidates with the specific attributes and experience your company needs. By effectively managing the recruitment process, they can also save your organisation time and money, offering advice and key industry information where needed.

expert knowledge

Expert knowledge

Recruitment partners understand that this is about more than just filling a role; they use their industry expertise to find the correct professional to meet your company’s needs. Specialist recruiters will have a strong industry network, a deep understanding of how the sector works and knowledge of the skills and qualifications needed to fit each role. They will also take the time to understand your business and the positions you need filling, enabling them to sell the opportunity and your company much more effectively. As they have an understanding of the market, they may be able to quickly identify suitable candidates to fill your role.

Cost reduction

Many people choose to work with a recruitment agency as it is extremely cost effective. A specialist recruiter will search the market to find the best available candidates for the role, reviewing their skills and expertise in detail to ensure they meet your criteria. This all helps to mitigate any risk to the client of hiring the wrong candidate – something that could have been very costly for your business had you recruited on your own. While your recruitment partner goes out to market and performs a thorough search, you can spend your time, effort and money focusing on other aspects of your business. Hiring the right person is vital for business success, therefore a recruiter can play an integral role in sourcing the right talent and increasing employee retention.

Saves time

As well as saving money, you will also save valuable time. The long process of screening CV’s will be handed over and you will only have to interview those suitable for the role. A recruiter will also take care of communication with candidates and provide feedback from both employers and jobseekers. They have the ability to assess CV’s, check references and then filter the correct talent in your direction. As they understand the business needs, they can present the right people in a timely and cost effective manner.

save time

Help you onboard and retain staff

Successfully onboarding the right talent is essential. A smooth recruitment process allows the new employee to settle in quickly and contribute productively because it has been ensured they have all of the right knowledge and expertise for the role. Ineffective recruitment will most likely lead to the candidate not fitting into the team or role and eventually leaving – putting you right back to square one. Therefore, a professional recruitment consultant is a superb option to put in place a quality recruitment process designed to achieve the best results.

It is easy to see that there are many benefits for businesses when it comes to having a recruitment partner. They are there to make life easier by taking care of the entire recruitment process – from sorting CV’s all the way to onboarding the very best talent. Working with the right recruitment partner will save your company time and money, offer you invaluable advice and – most importantly – ensure you are hiring and retaining the correct professionals for your team.

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