Our Managed Service Solution and its related services involve Swift Temps acting as a fully outsourced recruitment and onboarding function for our clients.

Industry research shows that an increasing number of companies define managed services as a key differentiator within their business. As the market continues to expand, managed service providers are building increased functionalities into their technology platforms to provide end-to-end, employee life cycle solutions. Implementing a managed service solution enables a company to operate more productively and efficiently by managing the strategic, tactical and administrative elements of the recruitment process. An external provider such as Swift Temps makes sense because it gives your company the ability to leverage our expertise, cost-efficiencies, industry best practices and other economies of scale to improve the recruitment process.

The Challenge

Most organisations use a significant number of temporary and contract staff to benefit from the increased flexibility and productivity this often brings – or simply for peak periods and short term requirements. However, the very disparate nature of the UK’s recruitment industry means that larger organisations tend to deal with large numbers of agencies, with a number of resultant problems:

managed recruitment service

Organisations often seek to manage this spend centrally through Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs), a process that can be frustrating, time-consuming and ultimately ineffective as it does not solve all of the problems listed above and is usually degraded by determined agencies. It also causes communication issues, which lead to a slower and lower quality onboarding process.

Strategic Advantages

Swift Temps Managed Services has over 30 years of experience in partnering & delivering blue collar recruitment solutions across a wide selection of industries including eCommerce, food production, distribution, waste, logistics, manufacturing and engineering.

We focus on providing recruitment partnership solutions across the Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire & Merseyside regions, working hard to get local people working with local businesses.

With an infrastructure of branches and on-site operations, we work with some of the most recognised brands in the United Kingdom providing a range of flexible workforce solutions. What makes us unique is our complete commitment to service delivery; we have an intrinsic understanding of the industries we work within and our business is built around meeting their demands.

strategic advantages

The Solution

In place of the PSL model, many organisations are now seeing the benefits of harmonising their staffing requirements with a single recruitment company managing the entire process. In general this would include supplier management, advertising, payroll, reporting and invoicing responsibilities.

The organisational advantages are clear – a single point of contact but the same broad access to high quality candidates in under-supplied employment markets. Greater consistency can be achieved for both temporary and permanent staff in terms of rates, selection criteria, contractor support and management.

Whilst every solution we deliver is different and bespoke to our client needs, there are some key measurable KPIs we have as standard in ALL our contracts:

We are not just a recruitment business; supplying staff is just the beginning. Our business model and bespoke systems allow us to provide a personal service to our customers; we partner with organisations and work as part of the team to offer the best results.

If you’re looking for a trusted Managed Service Provider to provide industry-leading recruitment solutions for your organisation, contact Adam Kaye (Head of Client Services) on a.kaye@swifttemps.co.uk for a confidential discussion.