Hardwork and a thirst for success. Two key attributes you’ll find in abundance here in St. Helens. Why? This town has a proud industrial history, playing an integral role in the United Kingdom’s coal-mining, glassmaking and cotton manufacturing sectors. Of course, not to mention the fact that it is home to The Saints, our beloved St Helens R.L.F.C! The most successful rugby league club in the summer era and a history totalling 68 trophies since it’s formation in 1873. This town has a champion’s mentality.

It was certainly one of the factors that attracted us to the area. We’ve got a soft spot for St. Helens here at Swift Temps North-West. After all, it was our first office when we opened back in 2018. Since then, it’s played an integral role in the continued growth of our brand, helping us open up further offices in Manchester and Preston ever since. We’ve quickly become a trusted supplier of high-quality recruitment services to businesses in and around the town. So much so, we were honoured to win the prestigious Business Start-Up Award at the St. Helens Chamber Business Awards.

So who are Swift Temps St. Helens? Let us introduce ourselves.

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Swift Temps St. Helens

Our talented team of recruitment experts have developed a reputation as a trusted partner for a diverse portfolio of customers across the area, serving the driving and industrial sectors. Based from our headquarters in Salisbury St, the team has a wealth of experience. Seven highly-trained consultants are led by Dave Cottington (Managing Director) and Bill Birch (Business Manager) who have circa 55 years of combined expertise. They’ve played an integral role in developing a customer-focused brand intent on providing the best possible experience for our candidates and clients. This attention to customer care – combined with our high-quality recruitment services – has led us to become a key recruitment partner for some of the nation’s biggest hauliers and retailers. In fact, you can’t drive on a British motorway without seeing one of our drivers.

So why are these companies working with us? Of course, our focus on customer service and the level of expertise we have is a key factor, yet it’s much more. Swift Temps St. Helen’s offers a broad range of recruitment solutions across permanent (contingency and retained) and contract appointments. We even offer a bespoke, high-end temp-to-perm model – great for those companies not in a position to hire a permanent employee immediately. We’ll source high-quality talent that meets your requirement, billing you weekly so that you can retain their expertise and services without the expense of a permanent fee. If, at the end of the period there is a full-time role they can slot into, you can employ them for a small charge. It is the perfect way to see if they’re right for your business and the employee earns in the meantime.

Ultimately, we believe in providing our customers with complete flexibility, creating a recruitment model bespoke for your unique requirements. So many times, we’ve met with new clients who have previously had a negative experience with a recruitment partner. Our solution is simple but effective. We listen. What didn’t work and why? How did it impact your business? Our recruitment specialists are there to identify the root cause of these issues and create a bespoke service for you. It’s not so much a case of what we’ve got – it’s what do you like? It’s a tailored solution for you.

Industrial sector

Since 2018, Swift Temp’s reputation within the industrial sector has gone from strength to strength. The north-west is an industrial powerhouse and we feel privileged to be at the centre of it, helping our customers with a range of smart, effective recruitment solutions. We’re often called upon to source talent across a diverse range of disciplines, whether that is for voice order pickers in a retail warehouse to senior manufacturing engineers in an automotive factory. Our talented experts have supported aerospace manufacturers with CNC operators, precision engineering firms with maintenance professionals and distribution centres with warehouse assistants. 

It doesn’t end there though. Swift Temps have played an integral role in helping the future direction of our customer’s companies, sourcing strategic appointments at board and management level recruited to take the business to the next level.

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HGV driver shortages across the United Kingdom have been well-documented throughout the second half of 2021 and, as a leading recruitment provider in this field, we’re seeing the impact it is having on our customers daily. Whether it’s a multi-drop van delivery driver or class two (with or without HIAB) or class one qualified professional, our specialist driving recruiters are able to delve into in-depth networks to source the talent you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tramping, trucking or store delivery job, they’re got the knowledge and expertise in the market to support you.

However, our role goes beyond simply finding and placing talent. We act as the eyes and ears of our candidates and clients, providing vital information about what is going on in the market and how they can secure the best talent and job opportunities. There’s nearly one million drivers who hold an HGV licence that the government is writing to, encouraging them to return to the industry. That is a lot of talent who aren’t active in the market; while some will have undoubtedly retired, there will still be many who walked away in favour of jobs in other sectors. Why?

Our driving recruitment specialists talk to drivers day-in, day-out on the phone, face-to-face and over social media. We often listen to their concerns and reservations – this is often key information that needs to be relayed to customers if their roles are going to be more attractive than competitors. Many companies across the United Kingdom need to take stock of why so many drivers are no longer willing to work – it’s not just about money. It includes working conditions, professional respect and the need to achieve work-life balance. That’s why we’re regularly consulting with our clients on what they can do to beat their competition to the best talent on the market. Those who listen have no problem fulfilling their requirements and receive a constant supply of drivers to transport their products. As a result, we’re seeing many clients blockbooking drivers. This is great for our candidates as it enables them to know when and where they’re working, giving them a chance to plan their social life, be with family and feel their time is respected. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Thanks to our in-depth expertise in the driving sector – and the level of customer care we provide – our business is currently performing very well. As a result, we’re continuously investing in growing our talented team to cater for our customer demands and have capacity to support more customers moving forward.

The future

It is exciting times for Swift Temps St. Helen’s as we continue to grow our customer base within the town and the surrounding area. We’re delighted to be playing a critical role in the success of the local business community and look forward to continuing our support moving forward. Ultimately, it all comes down to that success mentality. Just like The Saints and the people of St. Helen’s, the qualities of success and hard work are ingrained within our company culture. It’s what drives us to achieve it with both our candidates and our clients. We look forward to achieving it with you too.

If you’re looking for a leading provider of recruitment services in St. Helens and the surrounding area, contact our team of experts today on 01744 742353 for a confidential discussion!